Company Profile

Montage Marketing Services was founded in 1972 and operates as a marketing, administrative and support services company.  We work for our major manufacturing. educational testing and life science business clients under longstanding consultant and master services agreements.  We also work with smaller firms under less formal arrangements for administrative and project marketing support services.

We Provide our clients:

• Multi-channel (phone, e-mail, internet, live chat, mail) one-to-one response to queries
• Fulfillment, e-fulfillment, mailing services and new product sampling
• Follow-up processes and professional response to trade show and event inquiries
• Professional seminar management and CEU (continuing education unit) accreditation services
• Marketing feedback surveys on-line or by phone and mail
• Manufacturer warranty service support, complaint handling and product recall administration
• Outbound customer relationship initiatives and outcome reporting through client-based CRM software
• Social media expression and response management

Montage Marketing Services is also part of a marketing collaborative specializing in technical and video communications content. Montage moved the majority of its operation to Milbank, South Dakota in 1999. We have expanded into our 20,000 square foot space at 912 Industrial Drive, Milbank, SD 55252, doing business as Montage Marketing Services, Ken Ehling LLC, a South Dakota Corporation.

Contact:  Tom Gerlach, Vice President Marketing and Operations
Contact phone: (605) 432-9793

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