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Otter Tail Power Company serves 49 South Dakota communities, with an average population of 358. In all, our company provides electricity to 422 communities in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  Ottertail has offices and generating resources in 10 SD communities.

Around our service area, and in South Dakota, we’re preparing today to meet our customers’ energy needs of tomorrow.

During 2010 Ottertail Power company contributed more than $437 million in direct economic value through property taxes, wages and benefits, dividends, interest, and money paid to suppliers and vendors.

  • Otter Tail Power Company’s total indirect economic impact, including capital and labor expenditures for construction and replacement projects, was almost$48 million in 2010.
  • We use local vendors when appropriate. Last year we paid about $8 million to vendors in our South Dakota service area.
  • Since 1989, we’ve helped create nearly 19,600 jobs and save nearly 4,200 jobs throughout our
  • Our economic development efforts helped create 59 jobs in South Dakota and 792 jobs in the three states we serve during 2010.

Big Stone Plant is a good environmental steward Since 2005 the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks has managed just over 800 acres of Big Stone Plant’s unused land as a wildlife area. This property near Milbank is open to public hunting for archers and hunters using shotguns with shot shells. GF&P handles weed control, signage, and access and also has planted grasses, food plots, trees, and areas of dense nesting cover. Due to its size and terrain, this land is some of the best in this part of South Dakota for wildlife. It’s excellent for deer, turkey, and pheasant habitat, as well as for nongame species.

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