Supporting the development of wind energy as a sustainable, economic, and environmentally friendly resource for all of South Dakota.
• Provide consumers with a cost-effective and stable alternative energy source
• Foster the development of South Dakota based businesses related to wind energy production
• Encourage the utilization of local applications for wind energy
• Help develop investment opportunities in wind energy for South Dakotans
• Attract wind energy manufacturing to the state that will produce good jobs in wind power installation, operations, and maintenance
• Encourage the linkage of wind energy to the capabilities in research and development technical job training, engineering and other fields in the South Dakota higher education system
• Provide a forum for people interested in wind energy to analyze ideas, discuss concerns, and determine other economic and environmental benifits associated with wind energy development.
• Promote the use of wind energy by providing a forum for education, research, and reliable information about wind energy to a variety of audiences
• Legitimize reputable interests seeking to establish wind development, in effect, serving as a reference point
• Provide input to local, state, and national government relative to wind energy policy

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