Rural Dakotas invest in the potential of fiber optic connections

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

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Super-fast Internet could prove a recruitment tool for economic development

By Heidi Marttila-Losure, Dakotafire Media

Reporting by Garrick Moritz, Faulk County Record, and Bill Krikac, Clark County Courier

In February 2010, Google announced it was going to build and operate its own fiber optic network, which would provide a phenomenal 1-gigabyte-per-second connection for the residents of the city that was chosen to receive it.

Cities across the country clamored to be the one chosen. Topeka, Kans., ceremonially renamed itself Google, Kans., and one city councilman in North Carolina offered to name his unborn twins after Google’s founders, according to an story. More than a thousand cities applied for the honor; Kansas City, Kans., was selected, and its residents are slated to have the ultra-fast connections available sometime this spring. Many of the other cities were vocal in their disappointment after trying so hard to get on Google’s good side.

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