Best promotion of Dakotas this year may come from Kennebec farmer

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

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I have frequently had conversations with people who don’t see exactly what’s so great about living in South Dakota—while other places can claim mountains, beaches or wilderness, South Dakota has … well, it has some attributes, but it’s hard to explain that one of its greatest features is the fact that there’s not much blocking the view of the sky.

“South Dakota has sky theater,” I say in way of explanation, trying to capture the dramatic sunsets, churning storms and brilliant northern lights in one phrase. For the most part, I think my message does not get through.

Randy Halverson, a Kennebec farmer, has created images and videos via time-lapse photography that do far more to show how dramatic and beautiful “sky theater” can be. A YouTube video called “Temporal Distortion” has received national attention. The Associated Press wrote a story that was picked up by many news organizations, including The Washington Post.

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