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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Grant County Development Corporation (GCDC ) early in the spring of 2012 started a project that would identify potential cafo/concentrated animal feeding sites. This project was motivated by the economic impact that dairy operations have within a county. The GCDC wanted to leverage some of the momentum from within the state since there has been a renewed interest in recruiting dairies to the I-29 corridor partly due to the recent decision by Bel Brands USA to locate a cheese production facility in the City of Brookings.

Identifying and evaluating potential sites for development is the first step in planning for agricultural development in Grant County. The GCDC hired Todd Kays from the First District Association of Governments to identify those locations within Grant County that would meet all applicable state and or county location setback requirements, along with the infrastructure necessary to accommodate a cafo development operation. There was no proprietary information used in this process, rather Mr. Kays, simply completed the study by combining many publicly available records and information.

The next step in that process was to speak with the land owners whose properties had been identified in the study on an individual basis. After reviewing the study with the landowners, they are being divided into three groups: (1) those that wished to have further conversation around the project and kept abreast of any development opportunities, (2) those not interested and (3) those undecided.

This project is ongoing and we continue to work with landowners, at the end of this project the GCDC hopes to be able to provide to potential dairy investors with a map and a list of landowners who are interested in finding out more about a potential cafo operation on their property.

The Grant Count y Development Corporation is a 501c4, private non-profit development corporation. It is governed by its Board of Directors and is run by its Executive Director, Bobbie Bohlen. The Mission of the GCDC is to promote, encourage and advance the development of private enterprise, local employment opportunities, area tourism and growth through the expansion of business and industry in Grant County. Connecting clients to resources is one of the priorities for the Grant County Development Corporation.

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