Teton Family Farms, LLC receives approval to build in Grant County.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grant County Planning and Zoning Board by a vote of 6/1 approved a conditional use permit for a Class A farrowing barn. The permit was approved with two conditions, the installation of bio filters and the planting of trees to serve as odor abatement. Barry Kerkhaert, DVM, Vice President of Pipestone Veterinary Clinic gave an overview of the project. The Pipestone Systems which is comprised of 250 independent family farms plans to build a sow farm that will produce 140,000 weaned pigs annually which are then shipped to family farms for finishing. Estimated construction and land costs are 11 million. Six buildings will be constructed which will contain 4,480 gestation spaces ,935 farrowing crates 600 nursery spaces and 1200 gilt development spaces.

Teton Family Farms, LLC, will continue the application process at the state level. They will be working with the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources obtain the proper permits.

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