Runnings Announces New Store in Grant County

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All Star line up for the Annual Grant County Development Meeting.
May 15, 2013

The Grant County Development Corporation held their Annual meeting on Tuesday night the 14th of May.
The business portion of the meeting preceded the program.

The program portion of the evening was jam packed. The program included Mark Rolfes of Ottertail Power, Natalie Gauer, Milbank Area Hospital Avera, Cal Stengel, Stengel Oil, Dan Hermann of Runnings, Dr. Barry Kerkaert of Pipestone Systems, and Jaime and Jermy Andrews of J & J Earthworks. The theme for the evening was Partners in Possibilites, ED Bohlen kicked off the evening by reminding everyone that the original group that founded the GCDC made it possible for the opportunities we see today, she told the group that it order to see the kind of growth and expansion we are talking about here tonight “we need to build to expand, not just infrastructure, but talent”.
Mark Rolfes kicked off the evening with an update on the AQCS project. This project is the largest of its kind in the State and will bring in 100’s of workers over the next two years.

He was followed by Ms. Gauer the Administrator for the hospital who gave the group a peek at what the proposed new Milbank Area Health Care Campus might look like.

Stengel Oil provided the Salad dressings for the evening’s meal. Stengel Oil currently presses flax seed into flax oil and they are exploring the possibility of expanding their retail line with Salad dressings. Cal Stengel moved back from Washington in 2005 and started Stengel Oil in the old Flannery Building.

Dr. Kerkaert, Pipestone Systems was next up with an update on the proposed swine confinement facility to be built in Big Stone Township. He gave the group an overview of the scope of the project.
They are excited to be part of the Grant County Business community.

Dan Hermmann, COO of Runnings gave the group a view of what the new store in Milbank will look like. The 43,000 square foot building will be built next to the Adler Feed and Seed store on the East side of Milbank. Construction is scheduled to start in June with completion sometime in early 2014. Bohlen told the group that Runnings is growing and expanding in SD, and Grant County is thrilled to be part of that expansion.

Bohlen reminded the group that in a small community, Economic Devlopment involves everyone. It is the involvement of the volunteers who give of their time and talent that make the difference. IT has been a great year so far in Grant County.

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