Help Stop EPA From Shutting Down Our Power Plants

Friday, November 07, 2014

To ensure safety and reduce energy use,most American homes are constructed to meet building codes. Imagine if the government applied a new, more stringent code retroactively to your home, which forced you to move out because your home was not sufficiently energy efficient. You would still be forced to pay the mortgage for the home you could no longer use and also pay for a new, more expensive home. The latest proposal from the Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) will fundamentally change the rules and force the early shut down of many of the power plants on which electric co-ops still owe money. Not only will this plan make it difficult to provide you with affordable and reliable power, it will also leave you, our member-owners, holding the keys to power Seem unreasonable and unfair? I agree. For nearly 75 years,WhetstoneValleyElectricCooperative has made strategic, long-term investments to bring affordable and reliable electricity to your home and family. Looking ahead for the long-term
helps us stretch your hard-earned money.
Many of our power plants are only about 30 years old and several have been built
in the last 10 years. Some are expected to remain operational until the year 2040 or beyond. Since those initial investments for construction, electric co-ops have spent billions on emissions control upgrades. In some cases, the cost of these upgrades has exceeded the original cost of the power plant. As a result, Basin Electric Power
Cooperative (generation partner) still owes money on many of these facilities, and
the plants must run in order to pay off the loans.
Rather than taking our nation away from an all-of-the-above energy policy, we want to work with the EPA on practical and reasonable solutions that balance affordability, reliability and environmental stewardship.You wouldn’t allow the federal government to force you out of your home. Don’t let them do that to the power plants built to serve you. We ask that you join us,
along with the more than 800,000 supporters of America’s Electric Cooperatives, in taking a stand. Speak out against this proposal today at
Together, we can remind the government that the rules they write have real world consequences. It only takes 30 seconds to send your message to the EPA at Valley Electric Cooperative is proud to play by the rules and, with your help, we look forward to providing your family with affordable power for generations to come.

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