Milbank Industrial Park Approved as South Dakota Certified Ready Site

Thursday, December 11, 2014

MILBANK, S.D. – The Grant County Development Corporation announced today at its board meeting that the Milbank Industrial Park has been approved by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) as a South Dakota Certified Ready Site.

“On behalf of the GOED, I’d like to congratulate the Grant County Development Corporation and the Milbank Industrial Park on achieving certified ready status,” said Commissioner Pat Costello. “To date, we’ve approved 18 sites as shovel-ready. I appreciate community leaders like Bobbie Bohlen who see the value in the program, and continue to encourage other communities throughout South Dakota to utilize it.”

 The Milbank Industrial Park was approved for certification in two classes, Light Industrial and Rural Business Park.

 “The Certified Ready Sites program allows us to provide businesses, both current and potential, with the most comprehensive information available,” said Bobbie Bohlen, executive director, Grant County Development Corporation. “No matter the kind of business park, it is definitely in the community’s best interest to get it certified by the GOED. The programs like Certified Ready are incredibly beneficial, and could be the difference between a deal made and a deal lost. Hopefully this will help us to land more deals in Milbank.”

The South Dakota Certified Ready Sites Program is an economic development tool available to all counties, cities, townships, planning districts, business improvement districts and economic development groups.

 The South Dakota Certified Ready Sites Program is operated under the supervision of the GOED for the purpose of providing consistent information on sites available throughout the state. For more information on the South Dakota Certified Ready Sites program, visit



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