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Thursday, April 09, 2015


               Local women will have the chance to meet, network and decide if there is interest in forming a local chapter of EmBe during a special luncheon sponsored by the Grant County Development Corporation (GCDC).

               The luncheon will be Monday, April 13, at noon, in the Milbank Visitor Center. The cost for the luncheon is $10 and it is open to all women. Reservations should be made to Bobbie Bohlen, GCDC executive director, at gcdc@itctel.com.

               “The idea to try to start a regional EmBe group grew out of the survey conducted in late 2014,” Bohlen commented. The survey revealed that two segments of the local population which are in critical need of attention are women and residents under 30, she indicated. “This will be one way we can support and encourage young women and professional women in the community,” she said.

               The luncheon will include a presentation by featured speaker, Erin Bosch, director of women’s leadership development within EmBe. Laurie Knutson, CEO of EmBe, will also be present.

               EmBe’s stated mission is “We enrich our community by empowering women and their families.” Those who are members of EmBe can attend events such as the women’s leadership program. The focus of the program is to utilize the personal experiences and skills of area women leaders to educate and inspire young women. It includes training sessions in which the participants develop a personal development plan that includes personal and professional goals and their plan to acheive them.

               Bohlen has extended invitations in neighboring communities to make the luncheon a meeting of women from a larger region.

               “I’m pretty excited about this,” Bohlen said. “We haven’t had anything like it here. It will offer ongoing leadership and mentoring groups.”

               Bohlen encourages anyone interested in learning more to attend the luncheon or to contact her for more information. “Everyone should come and find out what EmBe is all about. If you are looking for guidance or leadership, this could be for you,” she added.


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