Milbank, SD to Host Nationally Recognized Community Builder In First OTA: Small Town

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Milbank, SD - August 24, 2015 - The City of Milbank and the Grant County Development Corporation (GCDC) have come together to partner with Sioux Falls-based nonprofit, OTA, on the first OTA: Small Town Conversation, which will feature nationally recognized community builder and creative, Jason Roberts. This event will be held in downtown Milbank on Friday, October 23rd. The event will include lunch, a presentation by Roberts and a workshop for attendees.

This event is the result of a year long collaboration between the GCDC and Hugh Weber, OTA founder and Milbank native.

“This half day event will continue the collaboration that has been in the works over the last several months,” said GCDC Executive Director, Bobbie Bohlen. "As we looked at what we could do to bring focus back to the heart of the community, which is Main Street, we decided to bring in someone who would challenge us to dream beyond street lights and new sidewalk. We believe that person is Jason Roberts.”

The event also represents an investment, by both the GCDC and the City of Milbank, in its future.

“The City of Milbank couldn’t be more excited about hosting the OTA: Small Town event,” said Milbank Mayor Pat Raffety. "We have had many discussions over the years on ways to improve the downtown area, but can never seem to reach a consensus on what needs to be done.  Hopefully now with Jason Roberts' experience and input we will be able to blend all the good ideas into something workable that will benefit the citizens of Milbank and the downtown area for years to come.”

While this event is the first that OTA has held in a smaller community, it represents the third visit Roberts has made to the OTA region.

“I believe that the small towns are the heart of the OTA region. By bringing one of the world’s great community builders to Milbank, we are showing the world that every community deserves to be part of the global conversation," said Weber. “But Jason’s visit is only the first step in a process of renewal for Milbank and many other communities in the region. I can’t wait to see what happens next!"

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